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Thursday, 5 April 2012

ohh how i miss that moment.....

lyna tahu , ramai akan rasa macam lyna rasa kan.
semua orang ada nenek.
cuma panggilan je yang lain.
lyna sedih sangat sebab lyna pernah jumpa arwah atuk lyna
yang seorang ni je.
yang lain memang tak pernah langsung.
semua sudah kembali ke rahmatullah.
sedekah kan Al-Fatihah untuk mereka,
semoga roh mereka dicucuri rahmat.

oh how i miss that time..
with my beloved late atok..i do love and miss you atok,
i miss that time , that you hugs me , 
kiss me , plays with me .
i know that i will never have that moment again.
dear Atok,
i never forget you,
im always pray for you,
im always love you,
i do love you atok.
if i had one more chance,
i wanna kiss you,
hugs you :(

also do love my brothers,
The Seven Brothers:
muhamad taufieq,
mohamed amin,
mohd yasin,
mohamad anas zahrin
mohd tap,
and my bucuk one mohd asri
and my only one sister,

my siblings , i wrote this to seek forgiveness from all of you,
i know you've taking care of me since i were just a baby.
if i do any mistakes with all of you , please forgive me.
halal kan makan dan minum adik
selama ni okay.

with sincere teardrops,

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